HenryTek is excited to offer you such a convenient place to upload, view, browse, or share your videos with others.

While we strive to bring you the satisfaction you deserve of a clewan site, sometimes people aren't so considerate. So please help us keep this site clean of any spam, pornography, or anything that is not appropriate for public vierwing.

We do not care if it is a political or religious idea or philosophy you may have, however, as we do not ban such material, unless they incite violence or extreme criticism of another person.

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind.

We do not permit any copyright material to be displayed on any HenryTek site. If you hold a license, we may ask for it at some point, especially if your material is flagged.

We do not permit flagging of pages and videos simply because you do not personally like them, however.

We ask you to be intolerant of other people to a certain extent.

If you promote a certain affiliate or Network Marketing (MLM) company, please refrain from sharing the same videos other users are sharing. Simply edit or place a completeluy different video to promote your company. I'm not working at keeping you from promoting your company, I'm just simply asking that videos not be listed on the server bombarding others with the same videos.

We want some diversity when watching videos online.

While we don't believe to be the only company providing videos, we want this to be an added tool for you to use in order to promote your work, art, company, product, or service.

I really hope you understand that we want you to share with others, but do not wanna be like Google & Youtube where the same videos appear a million times.

As always, Here's To Your Success,

James R. Henry